Dating game questions for wedding shower

The team then tries to guess what they are acting out. Bridal Pictionary Bridal Pictionary is very similar to Bridal Charades.

To play, write down a list of words associated to wedding.

When someone has a matching card have them pick out a gift from either the pile or they can take a gift from another guest.

After everyone has a gift, set the timer for 10 minutes and give everyone the opportunity to try to barter and trade their gifts.

The winner of this bridal shower game is the person with the most number of clothespins at the end of the party.

Purse Bingo Purse Bingo can be a very fun and telling game to play at a bridal shower.

Wrap some in nice wrapping paper, others in paper bags or newspaper.

Below are some of our favorite bridal shower games: Wedding Dress Designer The wedding dress game has to be one of the oldest and favorite bridal shower game of all time.

Divide the guests into even teams, a good number is 3 to 5 people. Each team will choose someone to be the "bride", then each team just use the toilet paper to create a beautiful wedding dress.

Bridal Charades Bridal Charades is another one of the favorite bridal shower games played today.

To play this game divide the guests into two teams and write down a list of things associated to a wedding or marriage.

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