Dating fender output transformers

A set of Celestions give you a Britsh Marshall color with strong mids, while traditional Jensen-style speakers give you the classic Fender tone.

Speakers are very difficult to recommend since the tone experience is nothing but personal taste.

It has half the number of power tubes, smaller transformers and a tube rectifier in stead of diodes.I'm a guitarist, composer, arranger, part-time recording engineer, copyist, and a music pedagogue from Finland. It would actually be kinda fun to know if this site has been of any help for anyone.This website is all about my current and past guitar gear. If so, or just to say hi, please drop me a note via the form below.I don't expect you to get excited if you popped in by accident, but since you've found your way this far, you probably are a guitar geek of some kind just like me. No information submitted via this form will be given to a third party. Ja suomalaiset, kirjoittakaa rohkeasti suomeksi, yritn vaan olla kansainvlinen. I hope you will check them out and leave a comment.

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