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Rather, the campaign to portray the South as the sole blot on an otherwise pure and shining “City on a Hill” began in earnest in the 1830s with the rise of the Yankee reformist impulse (i.e., Abolitionist, women’s rights, temper ance and other like-minded movements) and fears that the so-called “Slave Power” of Southern aristocrats threatened American democracy.The three decades from the publication of William Lloyd Gar rison’s Lib er a tor in 1831 to the outbreak of The War for South ern Independence in 1861 witnessed a virulent crusade to vilify not only the South’s culture and institutions but Southerners themselves.November 2014 Perversophobia defined Inviting the Zionist-controlled media¢cracy to meet a rising free South The continuing war against the South Page 24 Germany’s mistakes in Afghan war Page 6 Ransdell Page 9 on Nationalism “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Mod ern Amer ica over the past two decades abounds with examples of the demonization pro cess, most of them perpetuated by the Left (which includes many on the Republican “Right”) against the traditional Right.For, if it pros per, none dare c all it trea son.” – Sir John Harrington (1561–1612) By Dr. The Oklahoma City bombing, Black church burnings and the Atlanta Olympics pipe-bombing in the 1990s; the 9-11 “Truther” movement, the Obama birth certificate “Birther” movement and the anti-Obama Care movement thus far this century have all been used by the government and its lapdog media to portray anyone to the right of the mainstream GOP as dangerous to the public weal.FOR FEAR of the Ebola virus, North Korea has announced that it will not accept any foreign tourists, three agencies that take tourists to the isolated State said on October 23.The news came as the country said it was stepping up inspections and quarantine measures at its airport, borders and ports to guard against the spread of the deadly virus, which has killed thousands of people in the latest outbreak. Page 13 Greg Kay on the Scots’ vote Page 15 Henry Ford Page 16 America’s enigma The counterfeiters Louis Marshall The Lobby boasts having bagged a freshman Page 12 Page 22 at the Fed Page 7 Iran helps Gaza rebuild Page 9 His death reshaped destinies How America brought “Democracy” to Egypt Page 18 Page 13 Constitutional money must be backed by silver or gold Page 14 It’s legal to Page 19 Huckster’s quest for Per fection Page 12 A war is still being waged against the South, not by bullets and bayonets but by a campaign of demonization.

I wasn’t born in the South but sure am glad I’m here now! NEW READERS ________________________________________ NAME r for 6 issues ________________________________________ ADDRESS RENEWAL ________________________________________ CITY STATE ZIP __________________ r r r r for 1 year for 2 years for 3 years 0 for 4 years ________________________________________ PHONE EMAIL ________________________________________ CHURCH/SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIP AND MAIL TO THE FIRST FREEDOM P. BOX 385, SILVERHILL, ALABAMA 36576 Challenging a Zionist-controlled mediacracy to tolerate the truth COLOR of revolution: The “umbrellas” for Hong Kong’s are made in Washington, as proven not only by the obscenely-rapid White House open support just hours after it began, but the model is no different from what they used in Ukraine.

One month on and the jihadists were still in place, but the war had produced new contracts for American weapons makers.

MOSCOW will reduce gas supplies if Kiev starts siphoning deliveries destined for Europe, warned Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a visit to Serbia last month.

SOUTH MIAMI passed a resolution last month in favor of splitting the State in half.

Vice Mayor Walter Harris felt Tallahassee was not providing South Florida with proper representation. “South Florida would be better off making its own rules,” Stoddard told Local 10 News.

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