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Now it emerges Fatty Pang’s even bigger drawback is he is not very good at doing what his supporters claim he is. His choice of the new director-general is looking increasingly misguided, and his failure to understand public disquiet over the Savile affair suggests he is not the brilliant fixer he is supposed to be.

It is absurd for him and Mr Entwistle to suggest that the BBC should be allowed to set up two inquiries to investigate itself — inquiries which will work to the Corporation’s own terms of reference, and whose proceedings will be in private.

George Entwistle, the hapless new director-general whom Lord Patten installed, was left to flounder about.

After a time, Lord Patten declared the scandal was a ‘cesspit’, an unavoidable conclusion which nine-tenths of the population of Great Britain had reached some days previously.

No one is threatening the independence of the BBC, as Lord Patten knows.

There are simply many questions which the Corporation has not answered.

It killed off an investigation into the monster’s activities last November before broadcasting an odious eulogy of its former star at Christmas.

If he had bothered to converse with ordinary journalists at the BBC, some of them might have told him what was going on.

Many objected to Lord Patten’s appointment on the grounds that he is a liberal Establishment figure who has neither the will nor the inclination to hold the BBC to account over its systemic bias in favour of the European Union (a cause close to his heart), and other myriad progressive metropolitan causes.

And yet, of course, Fatty Pang could not control his new DG, or keep a proper eye on the BBC, because so much of his time is spent on other activities.

As chancellor of one of our great universities, he is responsible for enhancing its reputation — which means raising money — in this country and the U. He is also a paid non-executive director or adviser to five companies, including BP, the private equity group Bridgepoint, and a multi-national called Hutchison Whampoa, which is based in Hong Kong. It is ludicrous to suppose that a man who is head of Oxford University, and does work for five companies, can also have the time to be an assiduous chairman of the BBC.

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Incredibly, Mr Shapps has been told that the email sent to him cannot be considered by an inquiry, seemingly because he does not work for the Corporation.

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