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This was border country and Chesterfield marked the invisible dividing line between north and south and was strategically valuable because of its position in the centre of the country, almost equidistant from both east and west coasts.

Thus in parts of Derbyshire the local tribal population worked willingly alongside the Romans in the mining of lead, but by the time Julius Agricola's force arrived at Chesterfield around the year 70 AD she had betrayed her husband Venutius, who in turn caused an uprising which led to the Romans finally defeating the Brigantes and annexing their land.What they did find in the area that was once the vicarage gardens was evidence of a 13th century Post-Mill used for grinding corn, and the remains of a 13th century builders yard!Could this have stored material for the later foundations of the Crooked Spire?The Romans established forts in Derbyshire at Buxton, Little Chester, Derby (Derventio), Chesterfield (Castrafeld), Brough (Navio), and Glossop (Melandra/Ardotalia).There was also a small fort at Pentrich along Rykneild Street.

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Before their time, the site was simply a spur of high ground to the west of the marshy valley of the Rother"? This may have to be reviewed in the light of the "˜Revised Chesterfield Chronology' revealed by the Manchester University team whose recent discoveries suggest the pre-existence of an Iron Age ditched hilltop enclosure on the site of the later Roman fort.

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