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…Engagement By the time it happens with a BR couple, both families most likely already know each other quite well, each person has been “adopted” by the other’s family, the girl is best friends with his mom and the guy hangs out with her dad.In the USA, that is not necessarily the case at all.And it seems that quite often, in BR, if you don’t show it, regardless of whether you feel it or not, it’s as if you are saying you are not afraid of, or don’t care about, losing that person, so you are not alert to keeping off the competition.So for US people dating BR people, I would advise you to see expressions of jealousy as gestures of “you are worth a lot to me” as opposed to “i don’t trust you”. But then I started talking to other female travelers. On a near daily basis, while I was traveling in Northeastern Brazil, I got compliments on how linda, or beautiful, I am.For that reason we ask you to please send your own comments and experiences in order to add to our replies. I mean a serious courtship and the dating period (length). But a very observant and well rooted one, so I feel confident I can compare and contrast.

I only like white women above 1m65cm smart and nice to have a good conversation My twitter ^..…Intimate Relationships I’d say USA and BR guys are the same in open-“mind”edness for intimacy. I’d say that Brazilian guys feel more confident about a woman’s reputation and her potential for loyalty to him in a serious relationship when the woman does not go to bed on one of the first dates, and is more “traditional” in bed at least in the beginning.And that the difference is mostly in the consequence of it. So sex on a first date would less often lead to a serious relationship with that woman in Brazil than in the US, where this seems to be accepted as an aspect of being “an independent woman”.Both Brazil and the USA are big enough and the people are diverse enough to accomodate you and yours, probably.So just be happy with who you are and what you need or prefer!

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