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The plaintiff must include a complete description of the incident and explain the need for a further restraining order.A court staff person uses the information contained in these forms to prepare a Domestic Violence (DV) complaint.At the TRO hearing, the plaintiff may testify or bring in other evidence of domestic violence.There is usually a court reporter present who will record what is said.

A police officer or sheriff must serve (deliver) the TRO to the defendant within 24 hours of the hearing.However, research examining risk and protective factors for SV perpetration at the community and societal levels is limited. Each year, thousands of domestic violence (“DV”) cases are filed.For example, if you slipped up and used a few choice words to refer to your spouse’s new partner, you probably haven’t committed domestic violence.If, on the other hand, you struck your spouse or partner, that most likely constitutes an assault.

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