Dating and fractionation technique

As the ratio of oxygen isotopes in precipitates is sensitive to small changes in temperature at the time of deposition, measurements of polar ice cores are useful in studying climate change.The fissile isotope uranium-235 has been separated from the more abundant, nonfissile isotope uranium-238 by exploiting the slight difference in the rates at which the gaseous hexafluorides of the two isotopes pass through a porous barrier. As I would find out later, it was as controversial and shocking as fuck… and yet it’s a powerful solution that liberates men from all the bullshit. This was what I did with my newly-acquired Shogun Method knowledge… Because what she really, deeply wants is to be able to lose herself in her man. After working on each one of these skills, I changed the way I interact with my wife, and the results were tremendous…Isotopic fractionation, enrichment of one isotope relative to another in a chemical or physical process.

Ever talked to a salesman and bought what he was selling? At the core of Shogun Method is what’s called the “IRAE Model” (pronounced Packed with videos, audios, and study guides, Shogun Method is one heavyweight of a course.

Most average (unskilled) guys take several dates and oodles of luck to turn passive interest into a passionate romantic liaison culminating in fab sex, of course.

Those who are familiar with seduction dynamics never fail to press the right buttons to get the girl fall madly and helplessly in love with them.

It’s the same caliber of work studied by psychologists like Jung and Freud.

Unlike flimsy “Pickup Artist” ebooks, Shogun Method is based on hardcore science.

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