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If you request more information by completing the form on this page, you will find out what makes Dating Agency Franchises so unique.

We are confident that you will soon understand how and why you can become very successful in this industry!

We also have an advantage over other agencies in that all of Nurses are very attractive which will appeal to Quality Private Hospitals and Clinics.

As a Human Resource/Dating Agency Franchise owner, you are giving men the opportunity to marry beautiful, reasonably younger, intelligent and educated women who will be devoted and committed to them - something that's difficult to find in North America or Western Europe.

After all, they have probably never dated as a mom or dad, and their body could look totally different from the last time they were on the scene.

In addition to all these internal fears and concerns – all of which are totally normal, and it can be completely overwhelming when you hear single people chat about dating. Texting, online dating, Facebook, Tinder and hooking up are not the same as the last time they were out there.

As a Human Resource/Dating Agency franchisee, you generate income in four ways: You can start this business PART TIME, and keep your own job or business if you have 15 hours a week to spare, either nights or weekends. The UK Government is predicting that by 2016 there will be one million more nursing positions than nurses.You would have the opportunity to secure your financial future by building a profitable and successful business as a local dating expert, within your preferred locality.Offering a real alternative to internet dating and helping single people to find their perfect match, safely and professionally.In addition, Czech women DO NOT need a visa to travel to the U. A., Canada,or Western Europe,whereas women from Russia, Ukraine, the Phillipines, and Thailand have GREAT difficulties getting a VISA.Human Resource/Dating Agency Franchise is the only company offering a franchise opportunity.

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