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This is probably one of the worse things that anyone would hate because the lack of communication is awful.They aren’t allowed to have their phones out during work hours, and we are also busy with school or work.Ria: “You don’t realize how much your life will change when you get into a military relationship. I soon realized that whatever rules and regulations they follow goes for me as well.Almost as if I signed my name to the government right beside him.Here are some of the highs and lows of dating a military man. We love getting stuff from our guys, but the wait is the killer part! Especially when you have no clue when he will have his phone and if he will even be allowed to use it!I know talking to my guy is the best part of my day, but the wait definitely isn't. We hate the time difference between us, and we hate missing them so much.We know they have to be away to fight for our freedom but we really just want them home to spend time together.If you think regular couples have problems communicating, try dating someone in the military.

Because in the end we will always be there for our guys and keep loving them.

Sitting down with three couples in different stages of the military and service, some light has been shed on the difficulties of loving someone serving our country.

Khabeera Calaman, 21, and Robert Lenahan, 20, have been together for around six months.

Dating a military man poses unique challenges, and as we overcome them our relationships with our guys grow stronger.

There is a sense of needing each other more, and a sense of understanding and resilience is necessary to make the relationship last.

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