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Used on the upper left corner of the grill cloth on some recent (Acoustasonic)and vintage era brownface and blonde Fender amps. 5 1/2" wide, the "F" in the logo is about 2 7/8" inches tall. Fender Nickel Chassis Straps with hardware - Large (5") for vintage (60s & 70s) Twin, Bassman, Super, Showman, Vibro-King, Pro, Pro Reverb, Prosonic, etc. Screw spacing is 5 inches center-to-center, strap length is 5 5/8" end-to-end. Fender Nickel Chassis Straps with hardware - Large (5") for later versions Includes 2 straps, 4 bolts.Bolts screw into a captive nut on the top rail of the chassis, so there are no bottom nuts on these models.Set of 8 screws, satin black stainless steel, 1 1/4 inches long, Phillips, oval head.Set of 8 completely replaces all of the screws on the two back panels. See data sheet SPEAKER BAFFLE MOUNTING STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS AND WASHERS (SET OF 6) FOR Fender Blackface and Silverface Series.Fender started using these in the very late 70s coincident with the introduction of the "Ultralinear 70 Watt and 135 Watt models" Check your amp for compatibility.

Most reissues and redesigns of medium-size 1960 blackface amps with 4" chassis straps starting in the 1980s use this kit Check your amp for compatibility.

This is a great kit to replaced all 6 of the tube shields in many Fender amps with 6 preamp tubes. Use two (or three) of these rings around a pre-amp tube to reduce noise and microphonics.

If you have a cherished octal power tube or rectifier with a broken keyway, here is a great solution. STYLE MICALEX TUBE SOCKET FOR MINIATURE 9-PIN TUBES. F&T Caps are known for their great stability and reliability. Looks similar to the original Fender part number 0990947000. Medium brown handle strap, made of genuine leather, replacement for Fender "tweed" style amps (as well as other vintage amps).

TUBE SHIELD, BAYONET "PUSH AND TWIST" TYPE, ALUMINUM, 1 15/16" TALL, SET OF 6. Note: Tube shields will not fit over the damper rings, and must be removed from the tubes. Princeton and Princeton Reverb do not need the resistors. Do not install in an amplifier that does not have a standby switch - always use the standby switch in amps so equipped when using the 5SSR.

Set of 6 rings - will equip either 2 or 3 tubes, depending on the number of rings you choose for each tube. Contains two 8-pin sockets, two "bear trap" retainers, four mounting screws, two 470 ohm screen grid resistors (Metal-Film Flameproof for safety), and two carbon composition 1500 ohm control grid resistors. 1.31" diameter, 0.89" tall (not including pins and center post).necessary that a standby switch is used in conjunction with this device.

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