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The fact that "everybody does it " is not a reason for continuing to do it, but a reason for questioning it.1 Jn -17 states, "Do not love the world or the things in the world.Most parents continue to allow dating because it is the way that they did things in their day, and they believe that they survived.(But as we shall see, they probably did not survive unscathed).And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever."Is dating morally neutral?Is it just an innocent cultural expression; the way we do things in the west in the present century? " Jim West has defined a date as, "Any planned event involving a shared activity between a man and a woman" - one person asks the other to share in an activity, and a publicly recognizable pairing occurs.

All that is unknown is its degree, or the speed of its intensification. Without her father's protection, she alone must determine the degree of sexual intimacy, and that in the heat of the moment.

Our culture finds it hard to make such judgements because the dating scene seems to be an expression of "teenagers in love" - and love is thought to be something that just happens, over which we have no control.

Dating is part of the lie of the enemy that is ensnaring our young people.

I am a varied puzzle of a guy, many angles to fit in and compare with. It's very easy to find someone and date her, but it takes real courage, patience and heart to nurture and maintain one relationship.

I reveal my sides when I trust the other person and trust cannot be formed over a few months, at least not for me when the take on the bet is the whole life of 2 people.4. Prospective ex boyfriends/girlfriends: How would I come to know about that? In that course of life, it teaches you many things like the power of love, the importance of compromise, the effectiveness of companionship over pride.

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But the practice of dating has transformed the nature of teenage sexuality. It robs a man of the inheritance of an unspoiled wife, and robs the institution of the family of its true foundation. It is naive to think that a woman is able to make decisions limiting sexual activity in an unsupervised context.

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