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If both gas and electric meters need to be installed, you will be charged a total of .

Small Commercial Customer Meter(s) already on the premises: Gas only = Electric only = Both Gas and Electric = Meter(s) must be installed: Gas only = Electric only = Both Gas and Electric = In some cases, we require a security deposit to open or maintain an account.

Your service application charge is a non-refundable fee that covers administrative start-up costs and is assessed when service is started or transferred.

You can request up to eight weeks to pay a deposit between and 0 or up to twelve weeks for deposits over 0.If service was denied for nonpayment during the last 12 months of service, payment of a security deposit will be required in order to reestablish service.If the quoted deposit is or less, that amount must be paid at the time service is started.Nine years ago, when Sarah Willey was pregnant with her oldest son, Cole, she and her husband made a series of decisions. Khouzami's office is full of pictures that parents have sent him over the decades.The Ellicott City couple discussed where she would give birth, what they would name their child and whether they would "bank" his cord blood. He is surrounded by photographs of chubby cheeks and pink newborns.

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