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Topic: Reiki expert who is the author of a number of books on the subject has a new look at the most popular energy healing system.

His latest book, Psychic Reiki is the culminating work of his previous books about Reiki, plus some new techniques, combined into one elegant and user-friendly energy healing system.

In addition to supercomputers and mind-modeling software, powerful brain-scanning technologies are also at the forefront of efforts to construct virtual brains that might eventually house human consciousness.

According to many neuroscientists, the human mind is really just a complex computer whose function depends on electrochemical processes.

In addition, other futuristic technologies, such as brain-computer interfaces, may provide the necessary link between minds and machines, allowing us to eventually upload the consciousness of a living human subject.

For more information about these interfaces and other theoretical aspects of downloading consciousness, click here.

But as promising as Markram’s research is, most scientists admit that we still have a ways to go before we can even construct a functional model of the human brain, let alone download our own consciousness into a machine.

Among other things, this is mainly due to the inability of computers to process information in parallel by doing many calculations simultaneously.

Topic: It's a beautiful thing when a sister on this side can facilitate the publishing of her dead sister's manuscript... Arielle tells us the moving story about Debbie Ford's book, YOUR HOLINESS - Discover the Light Within.

As we write this blog we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

Similarly, resting state f MRI’s, which detect fluctuations in brain activity of people at rest, are being used to locate coordinated networks within the brain, providing powerful insights into the different regions of the brain.

High angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI) is also currently being used to measure water diffusion along fibrous tissue in the brain, and allows visualization of axonal bundles—groups of long, slender nerve cell projections that conduct electrical impulses within the brain.

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