Computer dating jokes

The questionnaire ran several pages and asked everything from height and weight statistics to how a person would react to a hypothetical situation.

(3) Dance with your date, smiling weakly, but end the evening as early as possible.They all run on essentially the same principles as Operation Match only with more sophistication…and no punch cards. When I interview people at my company, a good chunk of the interview is used to determine if the applicant could even tolerate working there. Fredrated said: “Millions of users and 10,000 marriages?Let’s see, 10,000 marriages would be 20,000 people married from (say) 2 million users . Doesn’t sound impressive to me.” beanaroo said: “It says Millions of people use internet dating services. It doesn’t mean that millions use e Harmony, only that millions use the internet to find dates.” Nonetheless, 10,000 is barely one tick mark on the Internet Scale.Every year, millions of people use services like e Harmony and hoping to find romance by answering a questionnaire and spending a little cash.If all goes well, the computer will serve as Cupid and maybe you’ll find happiness with that someone special.

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I am willing to bet that when some of the numbers that shouldn’t count are weeded out that the sites are running at a 30-40% success rate. if you r computer dating then you r and the other person are guaranteed to be ugly.

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