Christian dating jealousy

But how does this compare to real infidelity when it comes to our jealous response?A 2010 study by Guadagno and Sagarin investigated and found interesting comparisons.I didn’t see where my responsibilities ended and God’s began. Another way we end up with low self esteem is that we make idols of beauty or of men – and when those things don’t fulfill us and provide the security and contentment we long for, we are devastated. All the time believing I was trusting God and being the best Christian wife ever.

Yesterday, we looked at how we as women desire security in our lives and in our relationships so desperately. So – I am obviously not controlled by the sinful nature.And is this buffet of photos and data helping or hurting the dating scene and relationships?We laughingly refer to our hours on Facebook checking out our friends and lovers as “stalking,” which is a devious and often criminal pastime in the non-virtual world.The online world provides endless opportunities for both.“Chat sex” as well as romantic emails flourish in the virtual environment, where anybody can have the adventure of a lifetime with a stranger.

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