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She believed, as many young children do, that “if I never repeated what I had heard, it would never happen.” But something similar did.One morning Donna and her younger brother, Gary, awoke to find that their mother had gone away and left them in the care of Sister Waters, a Terrell acolyte whom the children especially disliked.Fathers, take heed and practice pronouncing blessings not cursings upon your sons and daughters.

This is a question I have received frequently over the past 10 years, so first let me say that I have no affiliation with any other ministry.

If not, let me encourage you to first pray, asking our Father to graciously give you an open door of opportunity (Colossians 4:3-note) and then to embolden you to speak forth the power of "the Gospel of the grace of God" (Acts -note) in your life (cp Romans -note). My father, Wilson, deserted my mother Ruth and her infant son (yours truly), before I was one year old.

There is no greater joy, then having the opportunity to tell others what great things God has done in your life (1Jn 1:4). My father was an alcoholic, a gambler and a womanizer.

If life was hard for Terrell and his staff in the early days—the tent circuit was tough, grinding work, both physically and emotionally—it was doubly so for the children.

Donna recalls sitting through three services a day in a stiff petticoat as “a three-year-old’s version of hell.” More seriously, there was the constant and exhausting travel, the meager diet of mayonnaise sandwiches and pork and beans.

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(She didn’t know there were other women and other children.) Donna was undoubtedly affected by the uncertainty of her young life.

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