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Treatment generally includes medication and individual or group therapy.Individual or group therapy sessions can be very helpful. Under severe enough stress, any normally calm and collected individual may become “out-of-control” – even to the point of violence.But some individuals experience repeated meltdowns in which tension mounts until there is an explosive release.If you're involved in a relationship with an Aspie, it's important that you take steps to protect yourself and your kids.

Aspergers adults who experience meltdowns are often perceived by others as “always being angry.” Other complications may include job loss, school suspension, divorce, auto accidents, and even incarceration.

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Meltdown episodes may be preceded or accompanied by: The meltdown is not always directed at others.

Aspergers adults who experience meltdowns are also at significantly increased risk of harming themselves, either with intentional injuries or suicide attempts.

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A commonly used type of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, helps Aspergers adults identify which situations or behaviors may trigger a meltdown.

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