Chili dating usher who is warwick davis dating

Would it be possible to ever rekindle your relationship with him? Yes, there's an attraction you can't deny, but if we cross that line we can't come back to where we are right now.

CHILLI: I don't try to think about the past, I'm on another journey now. The ball's in your court, so to speak.

Thomas talks to about when she created the list, how Usher was instrumental in changing it, and how Floyd Mayweather, even with almost every quality on her list, is just a, um, *cough*...friend.

All the other little things, who we dated here and all the other loves in our lives, to me it just didn’t make sense to put in there; so it wasn’t like it’s intentional, it just wasn’t necessary.

ROZONDA "CHILLI" THOMAS: Well, my wants and needs are completely different.

Like, I want a guy who doesn't drink, but I need a guy who doesn't smoke.

I don’t know – To be honest with you – I’ve been so caught up in thanking God with the blessings; with the success of this film.

All the other stuff or half of the stuff that I don’t see – I’ll hear about it like from you or someone’s going to say something to me.

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chili dating usher-58chili dating usher-23 When was it created and how has the list changed over the years? I started the list in my 20s, an age when you make a lot of mistakes as you're still learning about yourself and men.

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  1. It wasn\'t hard to find her address in the phone book and she didn\'t expect anything dangerous opening the door to her student. Samantha had a terrible headache and asked this cute young guy for a massage.