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Those men have nothing but time and yes some of them may be writing to different women. If you are both truely committed to being together you need to practice it.

I trust the fact that my husband is only writing to me. I hope you will find the answer that you are searching for.... I am Bipolar too, so I know about all the ups and downs, and sometimes it's good to write him letters while you are in your down moods.

Or is whatever happens while he is locked-up free game? and if HE "Cheats" on you while he is in there, Do you Stay or Leave? I'm only asking 'cos right now i'm on the fence about saying with him or leaving him... ....i'm Manic Depressive and its been rough lately and i TRY and i TRY to keep positive but i get "Down" (Sad) too and i share EVERYTHING with him but he says that he wont stay with me if i keep trippin' and write him while i'm in a Depressive mood. So no matter what happens I will be faithful and stand by my husband. If you and your man in prison are married, I would say... I would like to help you with your situation, could you tell me more about it????? Email me [email protected] loves you and so do I. I am very glad that you are wanting to talk about this subject. He has been my best friend and my worst friend over the years.

i don't Know if he is just "Using" me or if he will actually stay with me for more then a Few months after he gets out. ...i feel like he should love and accept me, All of Me, GOOD and Bad. I just have to ask to make sure we are not seeing the same man. We are in this together, I'm just doing my time without bars First of all, he is writing other women while he's in prison? It is a very real subject that us as woman have to face everyday when we are with someone that is locked up. After we were married for almost a year I started having issues with the marriage.

i feel bad for her 'cos she is just 18 years old and she has two kids... i Doubt that she even knows who the Baby's Daddy is???? HE has a Son but, his son is from some other girl.... lol, she said that she'd had "Conjugal" Visits with him and i KNEW it WAST True because only 6 States allow Conjugal Visits (California, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Washington), and we are in UTAH (of all places)..... .....i wanted to tell her who i was 'cos i don't like lying to people, but he told me that if he son's Mom found out that i am not a "Real" girl, then she would keep/take his son from him again.... I have waited for my husband for 3 years so far, and I'd wait 20 more if I had to.

i guess she was 6 months pregnant with her second child at the time they got married. His "Wife" knows his son's Mom and his "Wife" HATES his son's mom. He said that the reason he doesn't like his "wife" No More is because she Doesn't Want him to Know his Son and she made him "Choose" between Her and His own son. he warned me not to talk to her 'cos she is such a Lier! His son's mom is "bisexual" but she doesn't want her son to know that his daddy is a "homo".... But he said that When he get's out, that he will introduce me to his son's mom 'cos when he is out, she wont have all the Power and Control to keep him from seeing his son. I don't care about his son's mom though, all i want to know is if he is Telling her that he "LOVES" her and if he is telling her that he wants to "BE WITH" Her and if he is telling her that he wants to "MARRY" her, ya know??? There has never been a day where I question what I am doing.

It took me almost 2 years ro get to trust that he was not going to do that.

He never gave up proving himself to me, even through my many ups and downs.

I cannot say if he is using you or not because I don't know either of you or your situation, but it sounds like there are possibly games going on. Does he say it's "OKAY" to be with someone else while he is in there?And if he is "with" someone else or writes to some other girls while he is in there, is it cheating? My husband and I were together before his incarceration and he's serving a 22 year sentence. But I took vows for" better or worse" and I truely believe this is the worse. If you're not married and you are unhappy, if there is someone out in the free world that makes you happy then you should be with one in the free world. If he does, then there is something wrong with this picture.One of my biggest fears when I first got with my husband was that he was just going to use me while he is locked up, then dump me once he got out.It has happened before, so why not this time is what I thought.

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