Chat lines to hook up for sex

The current intro juxtaposes brief clips introduced by announcer Anndi Mc Afee and a "reaction" by another clip, wildly out of context.

Joel has also spoofed other actors, most notably CSI: Miami leading man David Caruso, who plays Lieutenant Horatio Caine.

Clips of Danny Noriega ("I guess some people weren't likin' it!

"), and more recently, Tatiana Del Toro giggling uncontrollably, have been used as part of Mc Hale's reactions to clips.

He then comments on the clip before moving on to the next one.

There is a live audience on the show, composed of a small group of E!

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Also, Mc Hale often comically berates or abuses "interns" for the show, usually ending with a poorly timed (or sometimes completely out-of-place) audio clip of a gun firing after Mc Hale uses a prop gun on them.

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