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If a marriage is declared null, does it mean that the marriage never existed? It means that a marriage that was thought to be valid civilly and canonically was in fact not valid according to Church law.

A declaration of nullity does not deny that a relationship existed.

If the other spouse did not co-sign the petition, the tribunal will contact that spouse – the respondent – who has a right to be involved.

To go through the process can be a sign of great love of the non-Catholic for the intended spouse.Fees are typically payable over time, and may be reduced or even waived in cases of financial difficulty.Other expenses may be incurred when consultation with medical, psychological, or other experts is needed, or if you obtain the services of a private canon lawyer to represent you. Your parish can provide the information and forms that you need to get started.My fiancé/e and I want to marry in the Catholic Church.He/she has been married before and has applied for a declaration of nullity. You should not set a date until the tribunal’s decision has been finalized. Second, even if the petition is eventually granted, there may be unexpected delays in the process, e.g., if your fiancé/e’s spouse wishes to appeal the tribunal’s decision. Pope Francis has asked dioceses whenever possible to provide their tribunal services free of charge.

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