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19th Century While teeth alignment and extraction were now commonplace, the 19th century saw further advancements in orthodontics, making it an official science of its own. In the late 1800s, dentist Edward Hartley Angle, who is considered to be the Father of Modern Orthodontics, began using various orthodontic appliances to effectively treat malocclusion, or misalignment teeth and jaws.

Dentists Delabarre, Maynard and Tucker came up with orthodontic appliances that refined braces. Angle also came up with a system of classifying crooked teeth which is still used by orthodontists today.

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Even though I was far from the only one in my class, let alone friend group, to be making every-other-month trips to the orthodontist, I felt like my braces were inexplicably worse than everyone else’s.

The fact that that was surely in my own head didn’t stop me from developing a creepy closed-mouth smile that was more of a leer than anything else, and an obsession with tooth-brushing that would make even a dentist grimace.

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Adam Hirsch and Joe Livingston met like many couples do: in college.However, the beginning of their relationship started the way […] Photographer: Brianna Collier and John Innes Date of Wedding: September 1, 2017 Dating Since: August 14, 2015 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Stonebrooke Golf Club, Shakopee Florist: Event Lab, Inc.Braces are an effective teeth straightening technique that has been refined over the years. Who came up with this innovative dental alignment technique?These braces consisted of simple metal wires wrapped around teeth.Some ancient people placed dental appliances into the mouths of the deceased, to prevent loss of teeth in the afterlife.

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