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Picture this: In devastated post-WWII Tokyo, a man stops his bicycle on a street corner.

I think it looks good, but Jane and her friends don't like it.

As the story ends on a dramatic, to-be-continued cliff-hanger, the man packs up his two-wheel theater and pedals away ... At the far too early age of seven I watched Katsuhiro Otomo’s film Akira.

In a time before the internet, my parents had made the mistake of thinking that since it was a cartoon it couldn’t be that bad.

As they gather to see and hear the free show, the man sells them home-made penny candies, including a not-too-sweet taffy that’s pulled and stretched using a chopstick (like today’s movie business, the real money is in the profitable concessions! The paying customers get a front row seat to the performance.

The man slides a sequence of large, colorful panels in the frame “screen” as he tells adventure stories, quizzes the audience, and weaves tales of suspense, all with character voices and sound effects.

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But there’s so much going on here, so much whimsy and weirdness, and some very clever use of pop-up book technology.

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  1. During the orientation, teachers reminded students that the evening wouldn't work unless everyone committed to the effort to stay in French the entire time. "The students were amazed that they were able to stay in French the entire time." said Schmuck.