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She is one of three main characters in the film who shares her experience of dating in our digital age as someone who is visually impaired.

The film, which was first released in 2015, follows Nefertiti and two men, Anthony Butler and Gus Chalkias.

The documentary captures the challenges that these three individuals face when trying to use online dating website platforms or dating apps that are not accessible to blind users.

“When you look at Tinder or or any of the apps that are available, there’s no description of the person.

They’re left knowing more, and that’s the goal.” In November 2016, Blind Date was chosen to be featured in the renowned DOCNYC Festival Independent Film Center (IFC) in New York City.

The team has just been notified that they’ve been admitted to this year’s Reel Abilities Documentary Film Festival.

As a result, we start to see ourselves and our own experiences in each character’s story.We can see how very outdated and silly the stigmas around disability and dating truly are.These three 20 and 30 something’s show us that blind people flirt, go on dates, fall in and out of love, get married, and have children, just like anyone else.Sure, it may seem like we shouldn’t need that reminder in the 21st century, but we do.The film welcomes us to open our minds to that reality and get desensitized: dating as a blind man or woman will have the same ups and downs, teach the same lessons, and potentially introduce us to a part of ourselves that we couldn’t have learned on our own.

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