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The Lombard (“Ecclesiastical History of the English People”) early in the 8th century, showed much interest in the conversion of the English and some in their earlier religion.

The lives of Irish and Anglo-Saxon missionaries who worked among Germanic peoples on the Continent ( Columbanus, Willibrord, and Boniface) provide some information about pagan customs and sacrifices.

This implies a surviving tradition and an antiquarian revival in that distant outpost of Scandinavian culture.While Tacitus presumably never visited Germany, his information was partly based on direct sources; he also used older works, now lost.Godan (Wodan), tricked her husband into granting the Lombards victory over the Vandals.The first detailed document touching upon the early religion of Scandinavia is the biography by St. Sweden, and noticed some religious practices, among them the worship of a dead king.Ansgar was well received by the Swedes, but it was much later that they adopted Christianity.

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The Icelandic manuscripts are written either in Eddic or in skaldic verse.

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