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He doesn’t want to swirl or date interracial, but what if has no other choice.

When asked if he liked actress Keke Palmer, the rapper responded, “Keke Palmer, she straight.

I’d bag her, but I don’t really like black girls like that, sorta kinda.” After a firestorm of backlash, the rapper attempted to "clarify" his statement by saying, "it's just not my forte to deal with a "dark skin" woman I prefer them to have a lighter complexion than me #My Preference #Fuck You We also see a lot of famous Black men like actors Taye Diggs and Terrance Howard, and singer Tyrese Beckford routinely chooses not to date Black women and you can't help but wonder why.

SHOW TICKETS: When a Man Loves a Woman, from the album Time, Love & Tenderness, which was released in 1991. Plus he only seems to be wanted by white women, asian women and other non Black women.

So, if it’s okay for other people to date outside of their race, why isn’t it okay for Black people?I'd imagine the great majority of interracial unions are solely based on true love because I couldn't imagine a relationship lasting on anything less than that, but even so, there are still stigmas in the Black community that we have placed on ourselves and interracial relationships.Now, the question that I don't know the answer to is, is it up to us to change how we view these relationships or will those stigmas wither away when we no longer live under the cloud of white supremacy?I can tell you that in this case, the Black woman *humpf* can absolutely be translated to "I wonder how he feels about his own mother."Now, of course, none of this is to say that you can tell the intent of a relationship from the outside because you can't.And we all know what they say about those who make assumptions.

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