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No beauty case is complete without a mirror, and indeed two small pieces of thin beveled glass that match the mirror of a known 1930s vintage American woman's compact were found at the site. We know she had a compact, and a news account has recently surfaced of her powdering her nose before getting out of the plane in Australia," King said.He added that archived news account included a very grainy photo of Earhart holding something rectangular about the size of a "book-shaped" compact capacious enough to hold the Nikumaroro mirror.

"Chemical analysis on one of the metal pieces indicate the presence of carminic and alginic acids, often used in cosmetics," King said. Coast Guardsmen, island colonists, and British colonial officials are unlikely to have had such items," King said.

NEWS: Credible Amelia Earhart Signals Were Ignored Other beauty products included a shattered bottle with the word "Mennen" embossed on its side in Art Deco lettering, apparently a 1930s lotion or cosmetic container of American origin, and small fragments of red material chemically identified as probable cosmetic rouge.

"Earhart is known to have carried a compact which, if it was like others of the period, would have contained rouge," King said.

"This broken bottle was found partially melted in the remains of a cooking fire," Thomas King, TIGHAR's senior archaeologist and author of the summary article, told Discovery News.

"It may have been used in an effort to boil or distill drinking water — there is no fresh surface water on Nikumaroro except what can be caught during sporadic rain squalls," King said.

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En 2009, il fait une brève apparition dans la saison 3 de Californication en tant qu'élève dans un lycée.

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