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) busy lately that I have not really told you guys everything there is to tell about a huge drama that has been going on in the Big Apple between Wendy Williams, Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen.Well today, the battle has been won by Wendy Williams and I am ready to spill all the tea as Bethenny Frankel’s talk show has been cancelled after just one (kinda lousy) season. I’ve been harsh at times with Wendy (even though she has mentioned on her show before #Chateau Sheree) because for a while there she was reporting gossip from a site that shall not be named frequently that has a history of making up outrageous stories for drama/page views.Will Wendy go back to covering Bravo shows regularly in hot topics? She has been talking about all sorts of new shows on other cable channels recently. It’s interesting to note that Nene Leakes was in NYC for quite some time recently and as not booked on any of the three shows.

And the Real Housewife Of New York, 46, was happy to display her enviable body in a frilly bandeau bikini this Sunday with family in Miami, Florida.And who wants relationship advice from a woman in a nasty divorce who is still playing out The War of the Roses with her soon to be ex husband in her Manhattan apartment. So Marigo used her contacts and booked every single guest from Andy Cohen’s WWHL she possibly could. Suddenly, all of the people who Andy had previously sent to Wendy, now went to Bethenny. Wendy doesn’t say anything negative (see how that works Nene Leakes?It is no secret that Bethenny is the only housewife who is actually friends with Andy and invited to his personal parties. ) and quietly begins to talk about Bravo shows less and less. Over on WWHL many of the guests are fans of Wendy and continue to mention her. Finally, Wendy says something on the air about Andy.She is waiting patiently for Andy Cohen to come crawling back to his main girl with all sorts of gifts and apologies for his horrific indiscretion with that skinny bitch.I just know Andy wants to sob into those GGG breasts and beg forgiveness.

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