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The benefit of consolidating loans is to have one simple payment instead of several smaller ones.Additionally, because you can still take advantage of the student loan interest deduction for consolidated loans, you could use the money you get back from the Internal Revenue Service to make an extra payment or two on your loan.

For a comprehensive look at student loan debt, consider the following: Considering those enormous figures, it’s no wonder that it feels like an insurmountable task to pay off student loans.

You can do it, though, and many millennials are increasingly turning to creative ways to earn more, pay more and pay off their loans faster than ever.

With such a large portion of your money going to pay your student loan bill every month, what other purchases are you forced to forego?

Automatic payments also make it less likely that you miss a payment or change your mind.

Take any student loan tax credits that you earn and put those amounts toward the principal of your loan.

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