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He would go a few steps and then would hide the ladder in a door front.'He kept repeating this over and over, leading us to believe that he was intending to scale the Wall to try to escape.'When he went out of our sight again behind the western side of the wall, we ran down the tower to be on the ground when he jumped down.'Almost as soon as we reached the ground, we saw his head come up over the top.'We had just come to Berlin and knew almost no German and the boy knew no English, so there wasn't any intelligible conversation between us.'We were, however, excitedly shaking his hand, and welcoming him to West Berlin.'Though the story was reported by the West Berlin newspapers, no pictures were thought to exist, so none were accompanied the story.

A week later it was reported Frank was being sent back to the East after a West Berlin youth court had ruled 'problems in school' weren't serious enough to allow a minor to stay.

Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen ist dieser Livestream mit einem so genannten Geoblocking versehen und kann nur in Deutschland gesehen werden.Trotzdem müssen wir aus rechtlichen Gründen einige Sendungen auch davon ausnehmen.Abendschau-Moderator Sascha Hingst präsentiert wieder die verrücktesten Fragen rund um Berlin und Brandenburg, zwischen Szenemetropole und Landidylle.Frank was motivated by a troubled school life and wanted to join his aunt in West Berlin, then a capitalist enclave, entirely surrounded by East Germany. S soldier Harry Knights, a signals expert, but his pictures were immediately confiscated by the military authorities.Knights was simply intending to take some pictures of life behind the Iron Curtain during time off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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