Automatic updating of formulas in excel

I've done this with a range of cells so I imagine it would work with virtually any level of complexity.

You just need an empty area to park the coiped cells.

When I change the input of a formula, the output is not automatically updated. How do I get Excel to update formulas automatically again?

While the formulas are being recalculated, the mouse pointer changes to an hourglass and you can’t make any changes to the worksheet.

You may want to temporarily turn off automatic calculation to save time until you are finished entering and changing the formulas in your worksheet. NOTE: If you don’t want to turn off the automatic calculation feature, and you have multiple processors in your computer, you can turn on the multi-threading feature, which could speed up the recalculation of your formulas by a little bit, depending on how many processors your computer has.

Is there any way to temporarily disable the cell reference changing on copy-paste/fill without making the references absolute?

EDIT: I just found out that you can do this with VBA by copying the cell contents as text instead of a formula. Ctrl-v Haven't check in Excel, but this works in Libreoffice4: The whole thing of address rewriting comes during consecutive (a1) cut (a2) paste You need to interrupt the consecutiveness by putting something in-between: (b1) cut (b2) select some empty cells (more than 1) and drag(move) them (b3) paste Step (b2) is where the cell that is about to update itself stops the tracking.

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