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Check this post about how to get the Dev Express controls and on how to eventually upgrade the project At the end the result should be similar to this, however there is much more, so check this post till the end. Live version persist the data in the session so each new session will reset all the data you have inserted. If you are interested in the code, I can provide it to you, just ask in comments.This technique significantly reduces the application's response time.Previously, server mode was supported only for XPOdatasources; now, any LINQ query provider is also supported.

The main goal for this time is to add inline editing functionality to the grid, in order to be able to update the imports and manage adding, editing and removing credit cards.A unique Linq Server Mode Data Source control was specifically designed by Developer Express for the ASPx Grid View, allowing it to efficiently work with large amounts of data by using LINQ Server Mode.In this mode, only small portions of the required data are loaded into the ASPx Grid View by demand, and all the necessary data processing (such as grouping or sorting) is performed on the data server.You can change this easily be creating your own database and changing the connection string in the web config.Last but not least you will need the 12.2.5 version of Dev Express ASP. If you do have a more recent version, upgrading the project should be easy.

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