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A crime-scene photo of Bill Conradt's den, taken shortly after his death. Police monitored it through a window to make sure Conradt didn't erase the hard drive, and later seized it as evidence.Yesterday, at around p.m., a young actor named Dan Schrack leaned back against a folding table and held a tubular, bendable microphone close to his lips.

More of the house is visible, along with the broad driveway. "We should have craft services bring it in here," the first voice says, referring to the catering truck. "If he's not in there, [inaudible] gonna take some heavy abuse," the second voice says. The show's protagonists, after all, are recruited on the fly, and everything depends on them.They drive the plot, and Hansen never knows exactly where that plot is going to take him.Before the unexpected series of events that began yesterday afternoon, for example, Hansen had no intention of ever being here, outside this house, waiting for a SWAT team on an overcast Sunday afternoon.A couple of months ago, when Schrack showed up at an audition at the NBC studios in Burbank, California, he hadn't really known what he was getting himself into.He had been in Los Angeles a few years, a twenty-one-year-old whose naturally rosy cheeks and guileless smile make him appear much younger.

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