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To read the latest post, visit What is one quirk we don’t know about Antonio?He loves cartoons and in particular, Japanese animation.He’s also a home body and says he tries to spend as much down time with his family as he can because when he does have to work, he can be on the road a while.Antonio’s best piece of advice: “Respect others as much as you want to be respected.” Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized Celebrity Numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/tv host.Hollywood can be a superficial rat race to the top but those who endure the test of time, going on to achieve lasting success are the ones who stay real and grounded.I have to admit, given his good looks and charming personality, I expected my interview with Antonio to be cut and dry but it was anything but.

With a long, successful acting career under his belt, Antonio has taken on the role of mentor, paving the way for children to embrace their acting dreams at the .His reality show was filmed in Hawaii, but he didn’t end up finding love on the show.Instead, he met his wife in Los Angeles who happens to be from Hawaii.He doesn’t really have favorite role of all time and has enjoyed all of his diverse acting projects.On the personal front, his recent marriage to wife Cheryl has a very synchronistic twist.

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Antonio swims ashore to the rapturous delight of the 13 beautiful women lined up on the Big Island beach.

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