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They’re misfits on the lookout for bangable women everywhere. This list just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add the one movie whose premise is completely about sex.You’ll get to see these students try and fail and then succeed in their quests… The plot is about a man – CEO of a huge corporation – and his dominant-driven sex life.

These movies will satiate your need for a great movie with a lot of sex.

You’ll see sex, fights, and perhaps a broken kingdom when watching this movie. When three high school boys vow to lose their virginity, they end up biting off more than they can chew in a few situations.

After being kicked out of a strip club and have their money taken, they aim to strike back at the club that wronged them.

A Successful New Yorker hides a secret not only from his family, but from the world.

But when his sister makes a crash landing in his life, forcing him to give up his privacy, he has to face the reality of his condition; a sex addiction. Sex addiction is no joke and this movie does a great job of covering what it is – and shows an extreme amount of sex. 11 straight questions to know if you’re one] #15 Blue is the Warmest Color.

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