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The song is on the Songs From Instant Star Three soundtrack, along with two songs that were performed by Johnson on the show.

Due to Johnson's management at the time, they were not put on the soundtrack.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Tyler has spent his entire life living with those who are mentally and physically challenged. Kyte says "I have grown up with many people who have disabilities.

In addition to Tyler's acting and musical abilities, he is also known for his work with special needs children and adults.

Tyler also performs a song, "Remind Yourself", on the fourth season of Instant Star, which is featured on the soundtrack, Songs From Instant Star Four. He is also currently playing in the band Blue Fox (with Nick Rose and Ryan O'Reilly), and in the band Sweet Thing (with Owen Carrier, Nick Rose, Alex Last, and Morgan Waters).

As well as singing an acoustic cover of the Degrassi: the Next Generation theme during the ending credits of season 9. Alexz Johnson), Hurt, Barcelona, Dill Lake Road, I Call My Cookie Becky, Way Old, My Dear, Nick's In The Garden, Seeking Love, Yellow Toast, and Practical Vain Man. He plays guitar, mandolin, and piano as well as providing backing vocals in Blue Fox and the drums for Sweet Thing.

But Johnson realized that acting was a great way to earn cash. I’ve been playing guitar and drums since I was 14, and have continued to pursue a career with both instruments. It would be a number one hit, forcing them to tour the world.” He laughs, turning to Johnson. Having experienced it all at a young age, what kind of advice do they give to others who dream of getting into music or acting?Kyte's first role was in Goosebumps' "Don't Go To Sleep" as Matt Amsterdam, a boy tired of being young who, after sleeping in his attic one night, wakes up in another dimension.In 1998 Kyte landed a role in the popular children's show replacing Jay Baruchel, Popular Mechanics for Kids.I’d only go out for auditions that had something to do with music. “For me, Jude leaves G Major (the record label) officially and starts her own label, and hires Jamie as a producer, and Quest. And Spiederman starts singing for Mind Explosion as the lead singer. It’s world eclectic pop – rhythmic, driving, music. Lots of power.” As inspiration, Johnson tends to write music when she’s in a bad mood, writing positive lyrics to pick herself up. More recently, Johnson just completed filming for the TV-movie, Kyte is currently playing drums with the band Sweet Thing, and also has his own band where he plays guitar, piano, and sings.The lead of a Disney TV show from LA came into this small town and I got this audition to come in on the third season of So Weird. And then I start producing my own music.” They both agree, adding that they’d like to incorporate even more music into the episodes. I want the best producers, I want to work with great songwriters, and I want it to be international. As side projects, Kyte works with Blue Fox, a “rootsy country band,” with Ryan Oreilly and Nick Rose, who Kyte also plays piano, organ, banjo, guitar, and sings backup for.

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Instead, Kyte recorded the two songs and they were put on the soundtrack.

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