Aj brown dating kaci mclean

We really want to see Aaron succeed, but right now it seems like he’s got a one-way ticket on the hot mess express.

This past August, Aaron created quite a buzz following his impromptu announcement that he was bi.

On top of that, Aaron also talked about his desire to get married and start a family with his girlfriend of the moment, Madison Parker.There has been speculation for quite some time now that Carter has been involved with some unsavory extra-curricular activities, but the star has long denied that he is anything but sober.Due to his deteriorating appearance, many assume that Carter has been addicted to a variety of things, and all of their concerns came to a head this past summer when the singer was busted for a DUI.Carter made headlines following his arrest in Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence.A concerned passerby phoned the police to note that Carter’s car was swerving on the road and when he finally pulled into an Auto Zone store he and his girlfriend at the time were busted on a number of charges.

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The star posted a lengthy message to his social media accounts depicting his feelings for both men and women and the struggle of keeping his true identity a secret since the tender age of thirteen.

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