The EU has also adopted several decisions recognising that the audit supervision authority of certain non-EU countries is adequate to exchange audit working papers with relevant authorities in EU countries.

The Auditing Association of Canada (AAC) promotes the certification of auditors and the application of environmental, health and safety (EHS) auditing ethics, principles and standards.

Our unique trademark is experience, excellence, and integrity which results in aiding our clients in major transportation reduction and cash refunds.

Discover the Global 15 Step Auditing Process Difference, which allows clients the ability to focus all of their efforts on daily operations.In the case of public interest entities (PIEs), for example, auditors will rotate on a regular basis and will no longer be allowed to provide certain non-audit services to their audit clients.PIEs are listed companies, credit institutions, insurance undertakings, or other undertakings designated by EU countries to be of public importance.In the field of statutory auditing, the Commission's goals are to: The current rules were adopted in April 2014.They aim to improve statutory audits in the EU by reinforcing auditors' independence and their professional scepticism towards the management of the audited company.

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