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Over the years of my singleness, I have grown to appreciate the unique blessings and challenges of adult Christian singleness.These challenges are often overlooked in the church and I have one last chance to write about them as an insider, before I become one of those married pastors telling singles how they should feel.” We all would feel something is desperately wrong if someone viewed marriage as not that important: “Yeah, I’m getting married. ” The other extreme is singles like me who have thought and prayed about it so much that over time it slowly becomes the seemingly unattainable dream.My marriage desire has led me, since age 18, to pray almost every week of my life, specifically for my wife and her character and safety and for me to have eyes to see the kind of woman God would have for me. You know what happens when you pray and long for something for 26 years?Many people have had the misunderstanding that my singleness was somehow related to a monkish vow of ministry or that I was so focused on Jesus that I had no interest in women or marriage.To the contrary, I have had my marriage radar on high alert since I went to college.

” Both are expecting something that God never intended singleness or marriage to create in us – contentment. My journey as a single pastor began when I was hired as an associate pastor by College Park Church in 1992.The first circumstance that makes my marriage atypical is my age. If the national average age for a man’s first marriage is 28, this means I’ve had more time than average to think about these things. I have been a pastor for 20 years and senior pastor here at Bethel for 15.My observation is that bachelor pastors are rarer than Packer fans at Soldier Field, and they are sometimes treated like them. The unusual circumstances of my marriage give me an opportunity to say some important things. This coming Saturday I will marry the love of my life, Miss Jennifer Terrell.

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The Christian man or woman should have the spiritual desire for full devotion to the Lord, but marriage requires them to be concerned also for their spouse. The single whines, “If only I was married, then I would be happy!

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