Accomodating lens

Blended vision relies on a slight increased near vision in one of the two eyes, usually the nondominant to provide a better depth of focus for close vision.

Crystalens patients may be more dependent on reading glasses for real fine print, but may have better quality vision for intermediate and distance than the Re STOR or Tecnis Multifocal lens.

Heavy duty prismatic glass lens reinforced with ribbing inside and out for extra strength, provides maximum signal effect in all directions.

The receptacle focuses lamp center with prism to increase signaling efficiency.

This is unlike the Re STOR or Tecnis multifocal lens which rely on sharing light between distance and near.

Since there are no multiple focus principles involved with this lens, it is reported that patients enjoy better distance vision, especially while driving at night.

However, under rare circumstances, patients may still require the need for glasses.Crystalens has been reported to be more successful with patients who have had previous refractive surgery, such as radial keratotomy and LASIK.Crystalens does not provide superior close up vision, and it maybe necessary to employ some postoperative blended vision correction for best close vision outcomes.900X-1 GLOWLITE: The 900X-1 meets OSHA safety color code for marking physical hazards.The top and lens rings assembly is made of lightweight, pressure cast aluminum.

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