Accomodating intraocular

The haptic is configured to transmit forces to alter at least one of the shape or the thickness of the adjustable optic.A further embodiment is an intraocular lens for implantation in a capsular bag of an eye, comprising an adjustable optic having an optic stiffness and an optic refractive index; and a haptic having a haptic stiffness and a haptic refractive index for coupling the adjustable optic to the capsular bag.The simplest IOLs have a single focal length, or, equivalently, a single power.

When the eye focuses on a relatively close object, the lens power is at the high end of the accommodation range, which may be referred to as the “near” power.The capsular bag may be used to house an accommodating IOL, which in turn can change shape and/or shift in some manner to affect the power and/or the axial location of the image.The IOL has an optic, which refracts light that passes through it and forms an image on the retina, and a haptic, which mechanically couples the optic to the capsular bag.Likewise, an expanding radial force produces a decrease in the optic power by flattening the optic.This change in power is accomplished in a manner similar to that of the natural eye and is well adapted to accommodation.

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