5 simple rules of dating

It is quite possible that you could have watched the entire series of 8 Simple Rules (For Dating My Teenage Daughter) without actually knowing what those bloody rules are.TBH, Paul is a pretty strict dad, and he has a lot of rules to keep up with.If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, you probably think that you can't save another dime, but you can.Arrange to have the extra money taken out of your paycheck automatically -- either through payroll deduction or by using your online bank account to have money moved into your savings account every time a paycheck comes in.Well, to finally solve that mystery, here are the actual EIGHT rules you need to date his daughter. The day I started to practice investment KISS (Keep It Simple, Sister*) was when I finally got control of my financial life.

I chose an easy investment program based on the best academic research and let it chug along all by itself. The fastest way to riches is to save more money now.You'll also find good index funds at Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and T. One useful diversification rule is to subtract your age from 110. You might put as much as 50 percent of your money into U. Alternatively, invest in a target-date retirement fund, where the asset allocation will be done for you.The number that results suggests how much of your total, long-term investments you could reasonably allocate to stock funds. At Vanguard, you can get target-date and index funds in a single package.I'm constantly running into employees who save enough to get the company match of 3 or 5 percent of pay, and then quit. Better to pack your automatic savings into a tax-deferred retirement plan.Tell your company to take more out of your pay, or sign up for automatic annual increases if they're available.

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  1. Professional achievements highlighted on a Linked In profile have very little to do with if a person is looking for a relationship or not, or how they would be in a relationship if they were looking for one.