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But these friends offer valuable vetting opinions, especially if you tend to attract dating duds, and it’s important to see how your new bae gets along with your crew." Make solid plans for your partner to hang out with you and your friends and you with their friends.

Just make sure you also catch up with your squad privately.

While the new year can be a great time to kickstart personal resolutions and habits, embarking on resolutions with a partner can also be a wise move.

Not only do you have a buddy to make sure you actually follow through, but you'll both be able to reap the bennies of your efforts together.

When you've been dating forever and certain niceties start to fall by the wayside, don't forget to call out when your partner does something considerate for you and they'll do the same. Walfish says that the healthiest couples sacrificially serve each other without keeping score.

Aluisy recommends making a conscious effort to recognize your partner's positive qualities or praise them for their efforts.

Kirmayer adds, "not only does having another outlet to turn to make it easier to support each other without burning out, it can help you cope with any difficulties or conflicts that come up in your relationship."6. No, this doesn't necessarily mean going over names for your firstborn six months into things, but rather being open to future-oriented conversations.

"If you're dating intentionally and with the hopes of finding a long-term partner, then you should be clear on your values and the life you want to create," Burns says.

Yeah, washing the dishes together isn't sexy, but the relief and accomplishment you'll both feel looking at your empty sink is definitely 2. As satisfying as it can be to volley something snarky back during an argument, learning to control your temper and awareness during a fight is even more satisfying in the long run.

Samantha Burns, a love and dating coach from Boston, recommends taking your internal temperature when you're wrapped up in the heat of an argument. It's your job to let them know what you want, why you're upset, etc.

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