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Someone will say that it's a plot by all these women to get more money from the government (whether any of them are actually doing so or not... The parties agreements were not signed in the presence of an ATTORNEY. The problem was that the state law insists that a doctor be involved... However, the state's case has NOTHING to do with legality of an "agreement" between the parties.4) The legal issue in KANSAS was the lack of Doctor involvement, not $$ changing hands or agreements not being signed in the presence of an ATTORNEY.

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Looking for specific sperm because of looks and intelligence is nothing new. Well, y'know, I remember seeing a profile on here once with the tag line something like:"Looking to make interracial babies"I wonder how that's working out for her? Any gal who wants to get prego can hop on POF, make a profile with "Hang Out" and "No Commitment", with her profile saying she's just looking to do it and do it good, no strings.... the outcome is a genetically blessed child who would like to find her dad.

Suppose I have to give her kudos for honesty even if I think it's probably being a little too "up front". and by the time she reads her 10th inbox message, a guy will be knocking on her door with a hard-on! Nahhh Woman wants to have a man with a fabulous genes impregnate her so she has a genetically blessed child.

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