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To do so would be tantamount to asking people for a gift – which is extremely rude even today.

It would also have been considered rude to say something like “no gifts” as it implies that gifts are an expected obligation.

If you are getting married after 6pm, you can wear a tuxedo or tails as these are evening clothes. In days gone by, a gentleman would always open doors for ladies.

Whether it be the lady they were driving, or a stranger entering a building, it was always the done thing.

I have seen wedding registries that contain gifts valued in the thousands of dollars.

It was considered extremely rude in the past to leave a party before the guest of honor – and once the guest of honor left, it was a signal to all that they should begin their own preparations to leave.

There is an excellent article here that will explain the rules of wedding dress for men.

It is customary for the groom to give a tie to each of the men in the wedding party.

First of all, people used to dress for dinner – and they would all eat together at the table.

Dressing for dinner emphasized the importance of family and healthy food.

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First off, if your wedding is before 6 in the evening, you should not wear a tuxedo (black tie) or tails (white tie).

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