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Or you just walk around inside the mall, again the area around Starbucks Coffee (see the map below for the exact location) is very popular for Pinays to sit down for an hour or two and just relax.

The whole setup reminds you of Ayala Mall in Cebu, with lots of green around, several ponds and many terraces with nice restaurants and cafés By far the most popular area for people to hang out is Café Havanna and Starbucks at Greenbelt 3.

Here you will find both tourists and expats, as well as local Filipinos, among them many girls (and also a few ladyboys) who are just feeling bored so they grab a cup of coffee and sit down in the outside seating area or patio to play on their phones or do people watching.

” Remember to always be gentle and smile and after she has replied she will either ask you “Are you on vacation? ” That should do the trick and then next you could ask her for her phone number “just in case I don’t find it” (in other words: to arrange a date with her later) or just make a move to the next girl if you have the feeling that she has a boyfriend or just doesn’t feel comfortable for whatever reason.

” and if not you could start digging again by saying like “Oh I see, thank you. And the second way you can go about it would be to write down your phone number or facebook contact on a small piece of paper and simply give it to her.

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The types of girls you want to look out for are primarily those who visit the malls by themselves, means without any friends.

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